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Welcome to The Singing Heart Experiences and events to make your heart sing! We offer lessons, classes, workshops and seminars focusing on;


             WILD NATURE


Whatever your level of experience or background, we aim to be inclusive and accessible and welcome you to join us. Our particular experience includes Indian Classical Raga workshops, Natural Voice approaches, global harmony singing, Wild Singing workshops, activities connecting us with wild nature, and opportunities to meet with others on a grounded spiritual path of transformation.      


Exiting CULTURAL EXCHANGE in Aug/Sept '23. Bengali students visiting UK. Help make this happen by DONATING to our Campaign HERE
Workshops are being offered online via Zoom AND in-person now.  Email me for the latest updates 

Song of the Heart Workshops:

Online, 10am - 1.30pm: 

Saturday 21st January

Sunday 26th March

Saturday 22nd April.  


February 25th -26th 10am - 5pm



Please EMAIL for details and for event updates as they are often scheduled at short notice at the moment. 

Join the Mailing List to receive the Email Newsletters of the Singing Heart Programme.

For existing students of Suekali and Rajeswar, join our Members Page and get access to videos and blogs to practice with. 


We are available for INDIVIDUAL LESSONS via internet (Zoom/Skype) For First Nature and/or Raga based singing. A good time to bring a song you love and would like to perform solo or as part of a choir. £35 per hour. 


New participants WELCOME! Contact me for details 



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