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“Until now my musical Violin maker life had been spent in the Western classical tradition, thinking in semitones and reading static notes off a page.   Suddenly a whole new world of musical possibilities has been opened to me.    No longer am I just trying to reproduce someone else's composition with more or less skill depending on how hard I practise, but can actually feel physically and emotionally part of the creative process.   I have always known that music should be a way of expressing our individual innermost feelings, and studying with Rajeswar has allowed me to start exploring the essence of my very own.” Rachel Douglas, London

"This was not my first contact with classical Indian music, I have been learning North Indian classical and Bengali music for a few years, but I found something very special in Rajeswar's teaching. Rajeswar has the ability to be challenging and encouraging all in one, making you feel able to open up and try something new. His approach is very sensitive and he helps you discover the nuances of the notes and expression in the sounds. I left the workshop feeling I had made a discovery about myself, singing and music." Valentine Harding, London


“I've noticed a subtle but powerful change in my singing and approach to jazz improvisation and everything (!) since the Raga sessions.” Annie Lightly, Brighton


“ learn to connect breath, voice and soul in such a way, let me become softer and more conscious of my proper self, encouraged me to trust my inner voice so that the outer voice can dare. ...a journey to authentic expression.”Anja Helmich, Doula and Dance tutor, Germany


“Thanks so much for this wonderful day at your workshop. I feel deep benefits from it and I hope I can keep the feeling, the mood and the discipline.” Pali Finger-Penfornis, teacher of Silat, France. 


“Thank you so much for this amazing workshop, for the space you hold and the light you share. I enjoyed it A LOT! It felt very special to be part of your little group, and the singing and practices gave me a lot.” Marie Franco, Sussex


“Clearly both trainers put a huge amount of time, love and consideration into responding to the needs of the group within all of the practices. The group is whoever turns up on the day and as we’re all human, it’s always different. I think it’s amazing how we all have different backgrounds, religions, secular beliefs and identities but when we’re in this expansive space there’s a great sense of mutual respect, dignified openness, tenderness and of course love. It gives me hope for humanity as a whole that this space exists and is open to whoever wants to come. I feel truly listened to and accepted as I am, however that may be from moment to moment. This inspires honesty and supports and encourages personal growth. There’s also a vast space for playfulness, fun and enjoyment.” Julia, Librarian, Sussex.


 “I really wanted to thank you about this workshop, I was very touched  and I am still singing my little song which opened my heart. Thank you for your teaching through the singing and your joy and compassion that I felt very  strongly. I am very, very happy to contribute to your workshop and to participate.” Anne Ricaud, France

I wanted to drop a short note to you to thank you for a wonderful weekend. I feel really moved and inspired by Rajeswar, and grateful to have caught some very small part of Rajeswar's exceptional teaching. It was hard work concentrating and trying to catch the wonderful intonations and sounds of the raga that Rajeswar is working with, but I am in awe of Rajeswar's total commitment to communicating the raga, and filled with wonder too at just how hard he works - and with so much delight! Rajeswar, you are truly inspiring. Thank you.” Peter Rawling


“Meeting with Rajeswar, Sue and the songs of Rabindranath Tagore in the UK gently opened a window which had been shut for some while.  The key is a simple one: listening with the Heart, and learning through listening, repeating, and then after a while, beginning to feel the patterns of sound and emotion in the whole being.  Rajeswar’s teaching of Tagore’s music offers a true and real way to touch and to be touched by the essence of things - and this gives me a sense of inner peace, harmony and wellbeing and a sure foundation for harmonious relationships with others.  It is a very precious gift and as a Westerner to be guided by a singer and friend such as Rajeswar whose musical tradition is rooted in 1000’s of years of profound attunement to the natural rhythms and patterns of life.”   Clare Walsh, Healer, London

“I feel more courageous in my heart as a result of this workshop - you have given such a gift- made this space so receptive, safe and nurturing.” Sheila, teacher, Brighton

“There has been support, help, discipline to give voice – we can sing – it’s a whole approach. Its easy to be here – that’s very rare – very rare and very special. The way both of you work together is a delight. So professional and human – it is really the dream of perfect education – thank you!” 

“I have felt more inspired to practice as a result of the weekend, it’s the tools – if we choose to take them we can use them in daily life. That is the key thing for me. This time the compassion practices were especially relevant” Nancy, Social Worker, London

“I had been looking for a long time for someone like yourself who knows that voice is a sacred dimension to one's spiritual development. Having lost my confidence in giving voice, I felt confused and inadequate.  What we did with you was a precious step towards loving oneself again and feeling at one with things.  The supportive, warm and respectful atmosphere you created made our journey extra special: I felt strongly that we were safe and very protected.” 

“I felt more comfortable with going beyond my comfort boundaries. The vibe that you have created has enabled me to feel relaxed in a way that no other place has. That is really something!” Library worker, Brighton

 “The ‘Sound Bath’ was the kindest thing I have ever received. Thank you. It was like being in a forest and the trees were singing.” 

“There was a safe, nurturing environment, cosy surroundings and open, friendly company. The gentle pace and variety of activities created a deep connection and commitment to the work we were all sharing. Both trainers worked together seamlessly, their input always being in harmony and complimentary. The raga singing was the main reason I came to the workshop, but I found the First Nature activities allowed my experience of the ragas to connect more deeply to my whole life and experiences. It feels so important to have these spaces available to us in the busy modern world where we can easily lose ourselves and forget our true, inner-world priorities.”

“Thank you again for your wonderful workshop, it made me discover a whole new realm of music and, most of all, made me feel the connection between sound and soul. ..There have been plenty of moments full of grace in this workshop, but what struck me quite powerfully was the incredible sweetness, grace and femininity of the raga, even when sung by men! It's not easy to sing Indian raga, and it was only when I was able to let go of my desire to actively control the sound, when I was swept away by the rhythm and the music that the reward of a sort of liquid honey pouring out of my throat came to me… Thank you very much again for what you made me discover and what you allowed me to express”  Oanna

“I really enjoyed the weekend, liked the way you integrated the First Nature more in with the singing & when my resistance softened felt once again like I was coming home”  Dylis

“It helped me get out of my head and felt very heart-based.. it felt inspiring and useful” Maggie

“What came up for me was an experience of consciousness, being in the present, focus… when I went for an operation recently I was feeling very anxious, and then I suddenly thought of trying the ‘extended hearing’ – it really calmed me down and brought me back to just resting in my body…” Nancy

“The workshop increased my self-understanding – seeing where I am and accepting my own voice” Nisheeta

“The workshop made me experience my body as an instrument, I really felt it, the spaces in the body. I experienced a whole song in a single note – everything moves in the note. There was a sense of having to get out of the way – to let that flow arise and come through us. The richness of it was very powerful…” Antonie

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