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Our Rickshaw Project - Providing an income for life for poor families in Kolkata

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A simple and effective way to really make a contribution and give extremely poor families in Kolkata empowering and life-long support. £200 buys a bicycle rickshaw which is then given to two poor families. They take turns with a morning shift or afternoon and evening shift. They then have an income for life and pride in their ownership and self-generating business. This relieves them from the exploitative burden of renting their rickshaws from owners who overcharge and keep them in servitude. 

The families are chosen through direct contacts of Rajeswar who makes sure that they are responsible, (the income will support the whole family) yet really in need. There are no overheads as your contributions are taken directly out to India and used to purchase the rickshaws. 

OPTIONS: £200 or equivalent will purchase a whole rickshaw which you can have named in memory or in honour of a loved one. Any other amount is extremely welcome, and will go be a vital contribution - for every £200 collected, we will order a new rickshaw. 

We accept cash, cheques and bank transfers as well as via PayPal. 

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New rickshaws donated by Singing heart students

Left: Rajeswar presents the lock and chain to a proud new rickshaw owner. Above: One of the new rickshaws and owner. 

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