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Singing Heart Sound Waves - Extended Hearing

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Welcome to Singing Heart Waves - a (hopefully) regular blog to offer some inspiration and simple practices in these challenging times. I am writing it for myself as much as for anyone else, as I find that I am most connected and alive when engaging with others and being useful. I like the idea of 'waves' being either vibrations spreading out in all directions, or a friendly hand wave in your direction. Take your pick.

I have started to make some short videos of practices taken from First Nature body and breath work and also Indian Raga based singing. It is very different speaking or singing to a mobile phone compared to facilitating a group - after several attempts I decided to just go with the unpolished wobbly me rather than trying to reach for illusive perfection.

Here is my first video clip. A 6 minute guided Extended Hearing.

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Hope you will feel you can do this regularly.V. helpful in doing some practice, good reason to actually do some!!!!

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